GRACE Art is an amazing program that brings art enrichment to the whole school. Each month, our parent volunteer docents present an artist or art concept to each class.  Following the presentation, the students work on a coordinated art project based on that artist/concept. The students love their monthly GRACE Art days!

This program allows parent volunteers to learn with their children and classmates about artists and art concepts, work on creative projects, and have fun in the process! No art experience is needed to volunteer!  All of the information and visuals needed to teach the lessons are provided, along with age-appropriate lesson ideas.  Our GRACE Art co-chairs also host a meeting at the beginning of each month to introduce the parent volunteer docents to the materials and lessons for that month.  No need to be nervous – the kids are so genuinely enthusiastic that the lesson portion usually turns into an interactive conversation. The commitment time for volunteers is one hour of classroom time per month, usually October through May, and another 30 minutes to an hour for the docent meeting where the artist/art concept and project are explained to you.


If you are interested in volunteering for GRACE Art, CLICK HERE

2018-19 GRACE Art Schedule:

For each month that we will be presenting GRACE Art in the classrooms, we provide Docent (Parent) Training to give you an overview of the art and projects for that month.  It’s helpful and really informative and interesting.   For those months, there are two opportunities for Docent Training:  Tuesday evenings at 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the OES Library OR Wednesday mornings at 9:30-10:30 in the OES Cafeteria.  Below are the artists and dates for training:

  • Oct. – Ansel Adams  – Training Oct 2nd and 3rd

  • Nov. – Helen Frakenthaler   – Training Oct 30th and 31st

  • Dec. – No New Artist/ Make-up

  • Jan. – Yayoi Kusama  – Training Jan 8th and 9th 

  • Feb. – M.C. Escher  – Training Feb 5th and 6th 

  • Mar. – Paul Cezanne  – Training March 5th and 6th 

  • Apr. – Robert Lobe  – Training April 2nd and 3rd 

  • May and June – Make-ups

Children with a quiet activity are welcome.

If you cannot make a meeting, don’t let that discourage you from participating.  You can coordinate meetings with other GRACE Art parent volunteers for your classroom.

If you have questions about the program please contact