Teacher and Grade Support

The OES PTA has several programs designed to specifically support and thank teachers and staff – in addition to the teacher breakfasts, luncheons, Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week, and other events.

For example, the PTA funds a  Teacher Expense Reimbursement Program. Each classroom teacher is provided with a classroom supply and expense reimbursement of $250 each school year.  Each department at OES (music, guidance, art, pe and more) is also provided with funds to enhance their curriculum each year.

The Grade Level Grant Program is also designed to further support classroom enrichment.   The PTA knows that there are activities, supplies and educational materials and new technology  that would enhance and further enrich our children’s learning that may not be in the school budget.  The PTA encourages each grade levels team to work together to identify materials or outreach programs to enhance their grade level curriculum.

The PTA also provides professional development funding each school year.  This funding is directed by the school administration and focuses on providing meaningful professional education to our faculty.   Examples of professional development programs in recent years training for our new language arts programs and responsive classroom program training.

For more specific information about PTA teacher and grade support programs, please look at the PTA Budget found under the “PTA Info” tab on the Home page of this website.