The Special Education Spotlight
December 2020

A word about Inclusive Schools Week…

This year, Inclusive Schools Week is scheduled for December 7th through the 11th. Though we are unable to celebrate this important week at OES as we usually do, it is certainly worth noting that it remains on the calendar; and that it will be highlighted on Panther TV! Why is inclusion so important? Because ALL students, regardless of their abilities, should be appreciated and respected as valuable members of their community. This helps them to develop a sense of belonging so they can become better prepared for life as children and adults. Inclusion also provides all students with opportunities to develop friendships with one another! We hope everyone will remember that at OES, it’s all about inclusion!!

Updated information regarding Special Education opportunities has been posted on the OES Special Education website page. Here you will find newly offered virtual workshops, including webinars providing useful tips and suggestions for parents navigating the distance learning experience. CLICK HERE to access our OES Special Education website page to find our most current update of important Special Education information, (most of which is beneficial to ALL families!); and be sure to visit our OES PTA website for new and ongoing information regarding Special Education issues, workshops, etc.

If you are new to OES, seek additional information about Special Education and wish to establish connections with others at our school; or if you are interested in joining our committee, (all are welcome!), we encourage you contact our Special Education Liaisons, Andrea Zuppas and Maren Wood at special.education@oaktonpta.net.

Fun activity for Inclusive Schools Week, click below!

All Hands on Deck