Order Next Year’s School Supplies Online and Have Them Delivered Directly to Your Home Over the Summer!





Obviously, there is a lot of uncertainty as to what the next academic year (2020-21) will entail.  However, we are opening up the online school supplies store as usual for your convenience.  YOU WILL NOTICE AN IMPORTANT CHANGE.

As always, the teachers for each grade put together their requested school supplies for next year.  THIS YEAR, they have put together two lists:  

  • one list in the event we have more or less “regular” in-class, face-to-face classroom instruction and

  • one list in the event we have part or full-time distance learning instruction.*

So, for now, you will see two different options for your student(s) when ordering school supplies.  We will be keeping this store open throughout the summer, and as things become clearer in terms of how student instruction will proceed, you can choose the option to purchase school supplies that best fits the situation and your particular needs.

(*The distance learning school supplies list for some grades is very different from their regular school supplies list; for other grades, the lists are basically identical.  These lists are teacher created). 

As always, keep this in mind:

  • We receive these school supplies at a discounted price from our vendor, School Tool Box.

  • Supplies will be shipped directly to your home over the summer for when you specify.

  • You can customize each student’s school supplies box, taking out items you may already have or adding more items if you wish.

  • For each box purchased, School Tool Box will supply a meal to a children in need.

School supplies ordering information will be up on our PTA Website throughout the summer, and we will send some additional reminders through the Panther Express and Facebook. 

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole White at nbateywhite@yahoo.com




Go to schooltoolbox.com or CLICK HERE

to go directly to the School Tool Box Website.