Variety Show:  OES OLYMPICS  2020





  • MC & Stage/Tech Crew:  December 2nd

  • Individual Acts:  December 3rd & 4th

Dear Parents and Kids:

We are so excited to see all the talent that Oakton Elementary has to offer!! It is our desire that any child who wants to be in the “show” will be in it in some capacity. Please note the following:

  • Due to time constraints (1 hour for the show) some acts may have to be consolidated.

  • Please keep your act to 2 minutes or less!

  • Also, NEW THIS YEAR, each child may only be in one individual act, emcee role, group act or tech role.



  • We will notify by email on or before December 6th, if we think your act is good just as-is, if we need to shorten/consolidate it into another act, or have you join a group act/tech crew.

  • Variety Show Group Acts signup will be released on December 8th.

  • We will then post a rehearsal schedule beginning the second week of January!


  • Rehearsal Times: Rehearsals go from January – March and will be held in the OES auditorium before or after school depending on your act. Parents are welcome to attend rehearsals but don’t have to be at each rehearsal (although it is recommended for some of the younger performers.)

  • Most of your rehearsing should be done at home!

  • When you do have a time scheduled for rehearsal, we need your commitment to be at this rehearsal. Practice times will vary for each performer (usually no more than a couple of times a month – whatever the act needs). You will receive a rehearsal schedule for each month. Please let us know of any conflicts by noting it on this form.

Tech/Dress Rehearsal Week: March 23rd-25th

We will need ALL of the performers during this time frame as we run the lighting/sound and stage transitions.


  • Parents MUST pick up ON TIME as the Variety Show team has children and/or other commitments. Parents will need to come into the auditorium and sign your child out.

    **We will be sending a SignUp Genius asking for several parent volunteers at each of the rehearsals and during the show. Please help make our show a success!

Parent Sponsor Responsibility: So what does a Parent Sponsor do??

1.) Send any emails or communication that you receive to all members of your act.
2.) Get the director a copy of either your script/ mp4 music file/lyrics etc. by February 15th.
3.) Make sure all the members of your act are at their rehearsal dates and are prepared
4.) Set time for your act to practice at home – the more the kids are comfortable with the material the less stage fright they will have.
5.) Make sure all the kids in your act get picked up on time
6.) Notify us if any child in your act will not be at a scheduled rehearsal time
7.) Parent helpers are needed during some rehearsal times.
8.) Inform your TEACHERS what your child will do after school!

Student Responsibility:

1) To know the material in your song/skit/act
2) To be at each scheduled rehearsal and showtime
3) To be respectful of school rules and other performers.


  • Each individual act will be responsible for their own costumes.

We really want this show to be a positive and memorable experience for your child! We are always available for any comments/questions. Let the show begin!

~Variety Show Team-Robyn Brown, Mimi Chou, Courtney Chadwick, Sommer Conway, Jo D’Eugenio, Jamie Rothenberger & Kristyn Woldow