Seeking GRACE Art Co-Chairs for 2018-19!!

Looking for Grace Art Co-Chairs for Next Year

We are still looking for volunteers to serve as the Grace Art Coordinators for next year. Ideally, this would be two people to share the job and support each other.

The GA Chairs are responsible for organizing the volunteers, setting up the sign-ups and Shutterfly site for the year and being the communicators to the docents and leads, so that all information comes from one central place. These jobs can be done  from home! If you have small kids, work full time or part time or any combination of those, you can fill these positions.

This is a great time to start this position as the current GA Chairs  will still both be here next year to help. They will work with you to get you trained and feeling comfortable with the tasks. Contact  Jennifer Riggle or Amy Wenger if you are interested or have any questions.