Bylaws are the foundation of the PTA, establishing and protecting the rights of the membership.  Our OES PTA bylaws link the association to the Virginia PTA and the national PTA by which it is chartered. Bylaws inform the membership of the goals of and rules by which the PTA operates and  specify what duties and responsibilities are assigned to each respective group. For these reasons, it is critical that all bylaws be current, clear in intent, and an accurate representation of the way a local unit, such as OES PTA, conducts the business of the association.

Every local unit is required to review and revise its bylaws every five years.  Your Executive Board in general, and Bylaws Committee in particular, has been working hard to complete this process this year as required by the Virginia PTA.  Significantly, a substantial portion of the bylaws are mandated by the Virginia PTA and/or national PTA.  However, our local unit is given discretion with regard to certain other provisions so we are able to craft those provisions to best serve our individual PTA’s objectives.

The general membership is the ultimate governing body of a local PTA, and only the general membership has the authority to approve revisions or amendments to local unit bylaws.  Consequently, we are posting the OES revised bylaws for all current PTA members’ review.

If you are a current PTA member, please review the attached proposed revised bylaws.  We will be conducting a vote to approve these revised bylaws in February.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact our OES PTA President, Kate Cote at president@oaktonpta.net.

OES Proposed By-Laws (1)